Monday, May 23, 2016

Watch what you wish for

I had lunch last week at a popular Japanese Steak house. As is customary, I was seated at a table with a number of strangers. Two of them were young women who were about to graduate from college.
We got to talking about their plans for the future, and after a bit, they asked me abut what I did, and how I ended up in Kansas. When I said military, The one woman picked it up, and told me that she had wanted to join the military, the Marines to be exact. She had wanted to become a sniper, but changed her mind when the military was not accepting women to combat positions.
Girl, all I can say is watch what you wish for. If you ever were to become a sniper, you would hold a human life in your hands, and end it. Thanks to the scope on your weapon, that person wold not be an indistinct shadow, but up close and direct. You would likely see his face. You will remember that face. It will not fade with time, it will not become dulled by being crowded by numerous others. It, and every one you frame will find you in your dreams. You will grow old, but in your mind, they will stay young.
No, I have not been a sniper. Friends though have been. One close friend diluted his nightmares with alcohol for many years. After a heart attack, he was forced to decide on sobriety or a casket. he chose sobriety. He called me many times, late at night when he couldn't sleep. I learned all about his demons.
I have seen others who attempted to wash them away with various drugs to no avail. It is something that is hell to live with.
It is a soul less individual who can kill another human and not be bothered by it. Even police who must make a snap decision to take one life in order to save others are haunted by it.
There are plenty of Sammy's in the world, but very few Carlos Hathcocks. No, I didn't know Carlos, I knew one of his contemporaries.
Could I do it? I say I could, I hope I never need to find out.

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