Saturday, May 7, 2016

What does the uniparty want?

It occurred to me as I look at what has transpired the last seven years that our congress, our president, and our courts are in direct opposition to the will of the American People, or at least those who are citizens of the United States. We often hear about the dumbing down of America. People today are more interested in short sound bites than in things that are intense and require a careful thought process.
It is no accident, it has been going on for years. After WW2 our men came back from Europe and the Pacific determined to do what ever it took to prevent the same kind of events from happening in America. That runs counter to the desires of some of the elite though and so they set out to stop it by subversive means.
Radio was a major means of communication up to that point, one that had grown for several decades. Nearly every American heard FDR's Infamy speech  thanks to radio.  A few read it first in their paper, but the larger portion had access to Radios.
Television entered out homes in the next two decades. It had the power to keep us informed and educated on the happenings in our world. It could still be doing that today, but the powers that want control decided it was better for them if we are less informed. Programing went from ideals of life to fantasy, from Father knows best and the Partridge family to Deep Space Nine and Family Guy. reality TV has taken over many lives, people are caught up in things that are any thing but real. Picture the scene in Airplane where they drag the bodies of the dead pilot and copilot through to the back of the plane while the passengers look out the window for the grand canyon.
They want us to be stupid. That is their goal. Common Core is only the latest step in making People less capable of processing information and using critical thinking. Prior to that we had No Child Left Behind. It was mocked on the left, but it was yet another step down, and when the mockers had a chance to step up, they took another step down.
Earlier I mentioned the dumbing down of America, that is what they called it, but applying it to education is misspeak. Poor education does not makes us dumb, but dumb is the goal. What is dumb? Stupid is stupid, it is not dumb. Retarded is slow development, but it too is not dumb. No, dumb has an exact and special meaning. Dumb means with out voice. Helen Keller was blind, with out sight. She was also deaf, unable to hear, and for a time, she was dumb, she could not vocalize what was inside of her.
The elite want us dumb. They do not want to hear what we have to say. They do not want to know what we feel. They want to control, for better or worse, America's course, and the world's.
This election cycle has sparked several movements. One one side of the equation we have the people who are rallying to Trump in hopes that he will be the man he says, the leader who feels our pain, knows our plight, and has empathy, sympathy, and a desire to  lead us rightly on the course we see as best. Another movement is the Sanders crowd who see government as the answer to the problems of government, or rather government change. But we also see an anti movement as well. Fearful for their elitist power positions, the people who have given us the cascade of common core, No Child, and all the other failures of centrally controlled education are bound and determined to stop We the People at any cost. They can make more millions, and the millions they spend simply go to another millionaire in their elitist club.
Lyin Ryan doubled down and is demanding that Trump roll over and cower to his demands. Lyin says he won't support Trump, and I sincerely pray that they remain at logger heads. Paul Nehlen is challenging the faux conservative, and I hope soon to read where every single one of the Washington crowd has a serious challenge to deal with. Let the Washington elite decide whom they will fight to save if the whole boat capsizes, and from the results of the primaries thus far, it has indeed collapsed.
It is my impression that the folks who backed Ted Crud, and initially I was a backer, did so in a statement of belief that he was not an insider, not a member of the Washington crowd.
It did not take me long at all to see that Cruz was Crud, as much an insider as Bitch McConnell and Nancy P Lousy. The initial primaries were a furball frenzy, and what emerged after Florida were three candidates, Two cloaked as outsiders, and one forlorn loser who remained only, ONLY, because he held delegates who, had he dropped, would have automatically gone to Donald Trump. Had Kaesich not controlled those delegates, he would have packed up, gone home, and got a sympathy card from Soros.
People saw the cloaks on Trump and Cruz, and in the next few rounds, they had to pick and choose. Do we go with the guy ho says he will never take money from big bank and Wall street donors, or do we go with the guy who admits that he bought and paid for nearly every candidate in the field at one time or another? It is a tough call, Campaign contributions are not legally considered bribery, but they are, just legal ones.
While Trump has used the methods of the elite, he is not part of their pack. They know it, and they oppose him because of it. He is the Rodney Danger field on Caddy Shack of American money politics.
So, I've told you what they want, they being the elite bankers and investors who want to get richer. What do you do now? Be informed, stay informed. Demand answers to the tough questions and demand accountability from leaders, professionals and those who want the reins of power.
You can choose to be stupid, you can choose to be dumb. Or, you can choose to be informed, educated, and a part of the process.
Seventy years ago the men and women of these United States determined they would take what ever steps were necessary to stop tyranny. In the succeeding generations we have been allowed to stray. Its time to get back on track. For the sake of those who died for freedom, but mostly for children who should not live in chains.

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