Sunday, July 24, 2016

DonnAbrasive to take over communist party leadership?

Amid the outrage over the wikileaks dump of collusion between the Communist party democrats, and their propaghanda arm to undermine Bernout, Debbie Whatshernameslutz has resigned as Politburo chair effective immediately.
Possible interim replacements include Donna Brassil the black Soetoro suck up on CNN. Pravda leading the party? Talk about a kick in the teeth for the people who are fed up with the communist agenda put forward by Barry and HiLIARy. There were a lot of people with in the ranks of democrats who are fed up with the crap, but too stupid to leave.
We.Do. Not. Have. An. Independent. Press! That went away long ago when large corporations began buying them up and exerting globalist control.
When I was a kid, we used the acronym CLAMs to describe the movement. Congressional Left, That means all democrats, and most republicans. Academia, ever seen a conservative college professor? They have never worked a real job a day in their lives, yet they "know" how to solve all the worlds problems... That THEY made! Media, the American Pravda. They are so cocksure of their ability to control us they don't give a damn that we know!
Is the fix in? Have they got the election sewn up so surely they can act like this? Let us hope not! During the 2012 election there were reported, several districts where Mittens did not garner a single vote! Think about that, a statistical impossibility, well, almost, The only thing separating them was a condom. The one man who claimed to be a republican who had no standing, zero ability, to confront Barry on the most important issue of the campaign, Oblowme Care.
These people are with out conscience. To send even one of them back to Washington is a greater disservice than Worthless Willie slithering off to Canada when he was called up. Remember, he was not a draft dodger, he was a deserter. Yes, they are that bad.

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