Tuesday, July 5, 2016

It sucks to be right

I have been saying for two years now that HiLIARy would skate, and today it was confirmed. Is there any one who honestly believes that  this administration would go after her? The last two years have been a white wash to control the narrative. Trey Gowdy is a globalist, a Wall Street owned hack. That became obvious during the run up to the southern primaries.
One thing the candidacy of Donald Trump has done is shed light on the dark underbelly of uniparty politics in Washington. The Select report showed it, and today's announcement by the Feral Bastards of Incompetence makes it clear, once and for all that they, the globalists could not give two shits about what you and I think.
Clinton was part of the Soros controlled administration of Barry Soetoro, the moslime pervert from Kenya. She was doing the bidding of the globalist cabal he funds when the whole Benghazi fiasco began. Not just the attack, the whole gun running scheme, Fast and Furious on methamphetamine.
It is now clear the plan was to destabilize the Mediterranean rim and cause a mass "refugee" event with the purpose of further destabilizing Europe. BRexit threw a monkey wrench in the works, but rest assured, they are moving to deal with that while we sleep celebrate and party.  Every step they take is a relentless march toward Armageddon. They though do not believe in GOD, so them being led is easy.
They follow money and their own craven desires. To. A. Man.
Clinton is just as much a part even though her ambitions seem more self centered. How thoroughly they control the upcoming election is any body's guess. With the increased presence of electronic voting, rigging of elections is becoming child's play for them. No more spending hours stuffing ballot boxes, the Diebold machines make it a snap. It is not who votes that counts, but rather who counts the votes. The globalists are in charge. Make no mistake. Cankles will not carry the voters. If she wins, it will be pure fraud. Make no mistake. They intend to ram her down our throats.

A mexican man was sitting at the end of the bar, shaking like a leaf and chugging tequella.
After a bit the bartender had a minute and approached him. "Jose, what's wrong?"
Oh, Senior, today I saw El Diablo.
You saw el Diablo?
Si, senior, with my own eyes. I was riding my donkey when suddenly he appeared, riding a great black horse and holding a pistola. He laughed when he got close. Then he pointed the pistola at me and said, "Kiss the donkey". What could I do? He has the pistola, so I kiss the donkey.
The donkey like it very much. He shit right there. El Diablo, he say, eat the shit. What can I do? he has pistola, so I eat the shit.
El Diablo think it very funny, he laugh so hard he fall of the horse. I immediately jump over and grab the pistola. I point it at him and I say, "Now you kiss the donkey." What can he do? I has pistola. He kiss the donkey. Donkey like it very much, he shit again. I say, now eat the shit.
What can he do, I has pistola. He began eating shit.
The bar tender says, "You really saw El Diablo?"
Si senior, we had lunch together.

And the moral of the story is, if you don't have a pistol, be prepared to eat a lot of shit, cause the donk's are full of it and el diablo is their (wo)man.

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