Sunday, July 31, 2016

Pay that card

The communist party U.S.A. candidate, the piap used Khizer Kahn as a stepping stone to launch attacks against Trump for his lack of military service.
It is true he did not serve. It is true he obtained a deferment. I won't defend either point, facts are facts. They also hold little meaning in this presidential campaign. In 2008 a dope smoking anti American ran against a former POW and won. another simple fact.
Lets get to the meat of the issue though. HiLIARy is married to Worthless Willie, and he is the poster child of draft dodgers. But, he is not merely a draft dodger, he is in fact a deserter. Worthless Willie joined the naval reserve as a step to avoiding service. Remember the attacks on George W. Bush? Those attacks were a perfect example of Worthless Willie's service to a point. An examination of Bush's service record reveals that he was seeking a slot in a combat roll as a pilot. He was turned down for operation palace guard because he lacked sufficient hours in type to qualify. He then flew a mountain of hours, got to the threshold required, applied again, and was turned down because his experience was in a plane deemed to out dated for use in Vietnam.
Well, what of Willie? Here we have a draft dodger extraordinaire! He was classified 1-A, medically fit! I guess they didn't do a psych eval back then. He, in typical Clinton fashion lied his ass off to avoid service. He offered to join the ROTC in Arkansas at one point just to get his deferment. He joined a Naval reserve unit, they didn't have a slot, one was made special for him. WTF??? He showed his gratitude by never showing up. HiLIARy is fine with that though. Think how many women would have been spared the ordeal of sexual assault had his ass been sent to Vietnam. Surely some one would have fragged him for good measure. Instead, he was off in London committing the first of his long list of sexual assaults.
So dems, go ahead, play that card. It might swing support at your rally's from the dozens to the bakers dozens.

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