Monday, July 11, 2016

I don't know what to call this.

I have bantered several titles, none project the depth of disgust I feel right now at the POTUS as he will be speaking a the ceremony for the officers killed by one of his activists at an event for more of his activists.
My take, and this may sound weird, I expect Barry Soetoro to throw the blackliesmatter crew under the bus in Dallas. He will denounce them and distance himself from them.
Expect him to give platitudes about how it was a well intentioned cause, but it was intended to be nonviolent. Instead, radical elements have usurped the cause and done this. He might go so far as to blame the Amish. OK, no Amish, but you get what I meant.
We have all read about the planned riots at the RINO and CPUSA conventions led by DeRay and blessed by Loretta Lynchmob and Barry. They will go off as planned, but this declaration, if it happens, will allow the SCoaMF to stand above the fray he created and lay the blame at the feet of Sanders or even Trump thus clearing the way for him to declare Marshal Law and the traitors in Congress to ratify it.
Seriously, that is what I am expecting. What Hitler did was low down, this is skullduggery at its worst. Blacks commit crimes at a rate that far outstrips their membership in society. Their interaction with the police is on a par with the level of crime, mostly black on black in the community. The number of police involved shootings, while not on par with their representation in society is still below their representation in crime statistical analysis. But every time we hear about an officer involved shooting where the decedent is black, they get all up in arms, riot, loot, and spread violence.
I'm not saying all cops are perfect, there are bad apples under every tree. It is rare for a bad cop to stay around for long. They jeopardize the safety of other officers and are a liability in court. Cops will cover for other cops to a point, but once it is clear an officer did wrong, most good cops will throw bad cops under the bus faster than Barry threw Reverend Wrong err Wright.
I will add to that that even good cops make mistakes. Every time you hear about a not guilty verdict, it means a cop made a mistake. Don't take that to mean they were wrong, but in court every I must be dotted, every T crossed, and every plausible event covered. Some times events move so swiftly that they don't get a warrant right or some other thing happens that allows a perp to walk.
We as a society believe in our Police. We believe in law and order based on the laws we enacted. We want good cops, and for the most part we have great ones.
What we may be witnessing, if I am correct, is the subjugation of that law and order. Make that strangulation. in 2008 I do not think the military we had would move against the people. the last 7 1/2 years have seen a realignment in the military that makes such an event plausible. Most privates and lower ranking NCOs will follow orders no matter what. With Barry's scrubbing of the middle and upper ranks we have leaders who will do what we never imagined possible.
Keep your powder dry my friends.

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