Monday, January 16, 2012

The Bain of Romney

The propaganda arm of the democrat party has been making hay about Bain Capital. I guess part of the blame should go to Gingrich as well, Now here is my take.

I see Bain as a Corporation equivalent of a used car dealership. I know, Used car dealers are second only to politicians on the honesty scale, but its not that aspect I want to talk about. Its what happens with old cars inside the dealership I want to address, or in this case, old companies. Companies fold every day. The reasons are as varied as anything you could imagine. Some don't have a workable business plan, some grow too fast and implode. Others are old, out dated, state of the ark equipment, and their products are just not in demand any more.
When a company starts a downward spiral, investors jump ship. People invest to make money. Its a rare fellow who buys stock because he want to go broke. When that happens, stock prices fall, and eventually only a shell remains. Kinda like a Ford Pinto with a million miles, not much left under the hood.
Well, some one has to pick the company apart, scrap it if you will. While many times the only things left are junk, that's not always the case. A lot of big corporations buy and sell smaller businesses that fit their business profile, then sell them later as their needs change. Some times all that's left is to yank the tires and battery, and drain the fuel tank. Some times there's a nugget, a company that can be modified for a new market.
Bain created over 100,000 jobs during Romney's tenure there. That's a good record.
Romney is a candidate I would love to hate. He strikes me as establishment, He was governor of a liberal hell hole, and foisted Romney care on the poor slobs of Massiveclueless. Still, he is a conservative, and he has proven he is in this fight to win. At this point in time, I'll say I'll hold my nose and pull the lever. That may change, I may actually start liking the guy.

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Gregory said...

Bout, like the way I feel. I wished he wasn't such a damned flip-flopper.