Monday, January 30, 2012

Beyond stupid

Well, it turns out the Seals and CIA had a little inside help when they tagged Bin fishbait. A Pakistani doctor did a little spying for the US of A, and now the government has officially thanked him. By exposing his identity.
Leon Pinheaded err Panetta confirmed in an interview with 60 Minutes of See BS and the faked memos of Rathergate that Dr Afridi assisted the CIA in determining that bin laden was indeed in the compound. His life is now over. Sure, he may still be breathing, but the remnants of the terror organization will get him if the Pakistani government does not. The good doctor faces charges of treason for his role in bringing to justice an international terrorist. If you were stupid enough to think the pakis were our friends, you are a fool.
Way to go ObamAA+. Kiss up to our enemies, and turn our allies over for treason. 2013 cannot come soon enough.

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