Thursday, January 5, 2012

Such love

Michele Bachmann has bowed out of the presidential race. No suprise after her showing in Iowa. The American Pravda headlines are filled with it, and oh the love.
Michele Bachmann ends campaign  - Finally
Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry compete for the Tim Tebow vote
Bachmann says goodbye; Mitt Romney will miss her
The titles are intended to appeal to the lowest of the low, democrats. These writers are skunks. Bachmann gave it a good run. She had plenty of good ideas, but the press chose instead to use their typical gottcha BS in nearly every report they did about her. These communist scum intend to shape the republican campaign and net the least conservative candidate possible, then hack him to pieces before the general election.
America needs a press that is independent, not hyper politically motivated. Scum like these reporters deserve to be at the bottom of the pay scale at HuffPo.

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Gregory said...

Must have been one of the communist plots of the 1960s. Get out of college and infiltrate the mass media. Get the rich people on our side while we do this, so we can buy the newspaper and radio companies...I hate the media too. Thats why I read blogs. But far too few Americans do....easier to just flop down in the easy-chair and turn on the tv. The demographics of America is changing big time. Definitely the America of the 1950s is no more. Guess Democracy wasn't such a good idea after all.