Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iowa votes today.

With all the stuff floating around regarding the various candidates, especially Ron Paul, today is the day we find out if his support is real, or a straw man like it was in 2008.
I grew up in Minnesota, and was always told IOWA was an acronym for Idiots Out Wandering Around. For years I though it was just an interstate joke until I was driving through Iowa one day and saw a state truck parked along side the highway. Dang if it didn't have idiot written on the side. Of course, they misspelled it, they had IDOT. Figures.
So it will be interesting. I expect the top three will be Romney, Perry, Santorum, Paul may very well put on a good showing. I'm not a strong Paul fan. he has some good ideas, and I believe he would make a great head of either Treasury, or the Fed. If he gets the nomination, I would pull the lever for him. My hope though is that either Santorum or Perry take the lead.
Romney is the most electable, not because he has good ideas, but because he has a strong machine to run the election. he is still a RINO, and to the left of McInsane. he can work with democrats, the question is can he work with republicans? McInsane can't.

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