Friday, June 28, 2013

Holy shit! an honest witness

I'm not closely following the Zimmerman travesty, but I am following it. It is a misscarriage of justice to try George for defending himself. So far, the persecution witnesses have been what appear to me, to be a pack of liars. They have claimed that Zimmerman, not Martin was on top. So, let me get this straight, George Zimmerman got those cuts and scrapes on the back of his head from the Florida night air? Seems also, I remember something about grass stains on his shirt.
Now one witness, John Good, is saying The thug was on top! No, John didn't call Martin a thug, I"m calling him a thug, John merely stated that the lighter skinned guy was on the bottom.
It will be interesting when physical evidence begins to get introduced. If the drug dealing thug was on the bottom, they should have recovered the slug from the ground under him. A 9mm at that range should be a through and through.
Its time for Angella Cory, and the Obamunists to quit defending this abusive thug.


Gregory said...

I can't understand why this trial is going on either. And, why not put the physical evidence up first? This whole affair is just a cruel joke if you ask me.

Toejam said...

If, and I sincerely believe Zimmerman will be, found totally innocent of the trumped-up charges many dark denizens of certain cities in America will use the "white man's injustice" as an excuse to loot, riot and burn.

I hope all that ammo and those AR-15 assault rifles the government has been buying up are put to good use.