Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday blonde joke

A young blonde virgin marries a Greek man. Just before the wedding, her father tells her that being Greek, her husband may ask her to turn over for love making one day. If she doesn't want to do it that way he tells her, she doesn't have to. Sure enough, after a couple of months her husband asks her to turn over for sex. "No way," the girl protested.

"Dad said I didn't have to do that!"

 "OK," replied the husband, "but I thought you wanted children!"

Heard it about thirty years ago with the punch line: A few weeks later the young blonde calls home and asks, "Dad, I'm gonna hafta turn over, my ass is so sore I can't poop."

Either way, enjoy your day.

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Johan Galt said...

I also heard she phoned home, told mom she was pregnant and mom replied "I told you that would happen if you turned over.