Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A little morning humor

Its Friday afternoon and a class of second graders are waiting to go home, the teacher stands up and "says" anyone who can answer this question can take Monday off, she asks how many buckets of sand in the Arizona desert.

The kids are stuned, the teacher says alright, no one can answer the question, no one can have a long weekend.
The following Friday the teacher asks how many buckets of water in the Atlantic Ocean, and once again no one could answer it.
The next Thursday after school one of the students from that class went home and grabed two golf balls from his garage, painted them black, let them dry and took them to school the next day.
Its five minutes to three and this kid knows that the teacher is going to ask a dumb question so he stands up and throws the golf balls at the black board and sits down really fast.
The teacher stands up and says, who's the comedian with the two black balls, the kid stands up and says "Bill Cosby" see you all on Tuesday.

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