Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This is their HELL

Andy and Ceil Barrie thought they had found a little piece of heaven in Colorado. That is until liberalism run amuck discovered what they had. Now they are fighting to keep their ten acres in the middle of the forest.
The communist thugs in Colorado's Summit County are misusing eminent domain to steal their property. For what purpose? None! Since the Supreme injustices of the Court made the monumental screw up known as Kelo, nothing is safe.
Colorado is in a strangle hold of communism do to the influx of  California weenies who fled the destructive problems brought on by communism run amuck in the land of fruits and nuts. They just don't learn, and Andy and his wife don't have the money to fight this much longer.
Whyen this is all said and done, it won't be just the Barries who lose, we all will.
I'd say punch every liberal you see and knock some sense into em, but they'd need to have a functional brain first. We can fight them at the ballot box though. I order to do that, we must not only vote, but make sure we have people at the voter precincts who are honest who will prevent fraud. with out true vigilance, they will steal our elections with impunity.
There is no difference between communism and nazism. The end goal is the same, control of our lives. only the path is different. Communism looks to class warfare, the route of those who control the democrat party. The people behind some of our lusterless republicans lean more toward nazism because class war would threaten their high power. either way is bad, we need to get back to being a constitutional republic, and follow the Constitution. Its not gonna happen. Like Hitler, those in power will destroy us rather then give up on their quest.

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