Sunday, April 27, 2014

MH370 and the beltway snipers

NO, I do not for a minute think that John Mohamhead or Lee Boyd Malvoe, or any supporters they might have are behind the missing flight. They were insignificant assholes with a deeply personal agenda, and they failed. Hopefully whom ever was behind the taking of MH370 has also failed.
That said, remember back when Washington was living in fear? every night we had reports, be on the lookout for this, watch out for that, but never was there an accurate description of the snipers or their vehicle.
We now know that the FBI knew what they were looking for as far as a vehicle, within a few days. They never made that information public. If they had, there is a chance that they would have ditched the vehicle, and given up on their planned assassination, and never been caught.
Whats that got to do with a missing jet?
Is it possible that our CIA knows exactly where the jet is? but for diplomatic or other reasons has not yet acted? The NSA knows every web page I visit, and every text message I send. Is it possible they know every detail about the plane?
Sure, Oblowme is an idiot, but he is just a puppet, and the guy pulling his strings is more interested in destroying capitalism then finding a jet, but a feather midsummer might help prop up a faltering house louse or three.
No, I'm not insinuating that dear reader had the plane snatched. He aint competent enough to pull off an October surprise like Benghazi with out creating a cluster fuck. What I am saying is they may try to turn it into a political score later rather then now, unless the plane were to be armed and launched against a target other then Israel. How many times did Jarrett scratch the bin Fishfood raid?
At this point, I do not believe the plane crashed into the ocean. If it had, there would be flotsam. We have not yet found any. I wish we had. I sincerely hope our government, no matter what it says,is still considering a terrorist option.
OK, yeah, its bad enough our pResident is buddy buddy with some old ones.
If that plane is sitting some where like Africa, or one of the carbombistans, I hope they have a Delta team raid in the works. My belief is that if some group wanted to snatch a plane, weaponize it, and attack the USA with it, they would need to have a turn around time of under 48 hours to have any chance of success. Frankly, its also possible the plane has already been destroyed, and they are wringing political clout out of it. The government is spending a lot of money on the search, but most of that money would have been spent any way. Sailors get paid whether they are in port or at sea. Meals get cooked either way, and nuclear fuel is cheap.
Did I lose my mind? If so, it was a long time ago.

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