Friday, April 11, 2014


Kathleen Sebelius botched her farewell speech. big deal. screwing up is nothing new to her. From her time as Kansas Insurance Comissioner, to her time as Governor, right on to her time destroying American health care, her MO has been to screw up and do it in spades.
Her campaigns were funded by baby Killer Tiller. Efforts by Phil Kline to bring him to justice ended when the Kansas Corrupt Court system assaulted him for truth and jerked his law license.
Oblowme declaring hell Care a success is step one in a bid to launch her campaign for the 2016 Communist Party nomination.
If you thought they could find no one worse than Hitlery, think again. Yes, we are in trouble.
Communism has failed in Russia. It is failing in China. Vietnam learned fast after the fall of Saigon, yet over educated idiots still want to try it here, and the Klusterfuck from Kansas is Barry's choice.

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