Tuesday, September 6, 2016

2008 with a twist

In 2008 voters had to consider the very real possibility of which ever candidate was elected dropping dead. DemonicRATS had to think about how a black president, even one only 1/16th black would be received by their base, the Ku Klutz Klan, and all the other hate groups they silently accept but some times deplore. The other side of that coin was McInsane, a flaky fuck who might drop dead at any moment due to his age. Two very real possibilities, two different solutions.
Barry opted for a VP so clueless that even Hinkley would think twice about advancing him to be Presidunce. By contrast, The GOPe some how selected the most competent governor in the United States. Yes, I liked Palin, still do.
This election is seeing another form of uncertainty. Would HiLlARy be able to fulfill the duties of President for four years? Hell, would she remain competent for four months? She is sliding, and it's not into second. The collapse of her health is near free fall, and there is no parachute.
Speculation is that she has Parkinsons. If so, she deserves our sympathy, but certainly not our support. Her slithering mate is Kane. The guy has a creep factor between Freddy Kruger and the thing from Alien. People need to think long and hard about having him one heart beat away from any thing.
Yes, I know something equally bad could befall Trump, but right now his health is good, his stamina great, he is keeping a schedule that would put a twenty year old in the ER. He also has a running mate who appears to be the picture of health.
While it's bad enough to think about HiLlARy being president in good health, having her at the helm in poor health is even worse. That 3A.M. phone call? She missed the one from Benghazi, unless of course you believe she intended for Ambastardor Stevens to die a hideous death. What will Huma do when the whole nation is on the line? Can we risk it? You and I both know she will be the hand holding Hildabeast up, telling her what to say and do. I don't completely understand the power structure behind the communist who control the democrats.The Clinton foundation has taken bribes fees from so many groups and countries that there is a fight for control there. What i do know is that with Barry it goes through Val Jar, and with Cankles it will run through Huma.
What of Trump? I don't think even Melania controls him, just look at the hair. He is his own man, beholden to no power except GOD in Heaven.
This election is critical as far as preserving our nation. The globalists have us literally on the ropes. Debt is skyrocketing because we have not had a budget since Barry was elected. That Stimu-less? It has been spent and respent every time they pass another resolution. Our national debt is off the charts. $19.3 trillion and climbing. By the time Barry leaves office, it will be above $19.6 Trillion. That is nearly double the debt piled on under liberal spending Bush. Interest rates have been held down purposely by the fed. At some point though confidence in the dollar will falter and interest rates will spike. At that point our nation will be in total collapse. Say hello Venezuela.
That is what Soros wants,that is what the Saudi's want. The destruction of the last bastion of freedom.
Queen cankles would allow it, Kane would applaud it's arrival. The gimme crowd needs to think about it, their EBT bucks will be worthless, and the mooslime could care less.
Think about it.

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