Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Looking forward to November

A dreary day
On the 9th of November
I am a liberal
Gazing from my window
at the streets below
Where lies an avalanche of fresh Trump votes.
I am in shock!
I wanted Hillary!

I’ll build walls
A safe space neat and tidy
That reason cannot penetrate
I have no need of Donald
Vulgarians are insane
They work they laugh and love, Oh! I’m in pain
I am in shock!
I wanted Hillary!

Don’t talk of Jobs
I’ve heard those horrible words before
I erased them with my liberal studies degree
This election’s such a bummer
Hill Struggled, almost died!
I campaigned for her, tweeted til my I-phone fried
I am in shock!
I wanted Hillary!

I have CNN
And MSNBC to distract me
I am shielded by my twitter
Hiding in my room
Safe with my I-Phone
I only text with those who feel like me
I am in shock!
I’d settle for Bernie!

And I’m curled up in such pain
All I’ll do for now is cry.

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