Monday, September 5, 2016

She needs more Gia Pan in her diet.

IN case you missed it, the Helldabeast slithered out from under her rock again and flew her broom to Cleveland for a speaking enragement. Yes, she actually showed her face, at least we assume it was her face , in public. Right in the middle of her antics, she had a coughing episode. We have witnessed several of these, uncontrolable coughing, and it has people wondering what in the heck is wrong with her, besides the evil oozing from every pore.
Well, I have my own idea of what is wrong, she needs more Gia Pan in her diet.
I’m not a doctor, I’m just an old country boy. Pull up a stump and let me explain because I know exactly whence I speak. I grew up on a small farm in Minnesota, a 90 acre dairy spread. I was the last of nine kids. My youngest brother departed for greener pastures ie a job in the city when I was eight. The weight of farm chores fell square on my puny shoulders right then and there, he didn’t take the milk cows with him.
We were poor. Most of my cloths were hand me downs from several generations including cousins. Shoes were a luxury, boots didn’t fare well in the muck of the barn lot simply because we couldn’t afford good ones, so mostly I went bare foot as weather allowed. I picked and scraped a lot of that goo off my feet and out from under my nails as a boy and a teen.
We all know about Chinese cooking, they are masters, the stuff is awesome, and they can make anything taste like chicken be it cat, dog, rattle snake or frog. They have a dish I have heard about, read about, but aint no way I will ever try! It is called Moo Goo Gia Pan.
As I stated above, I am a farm boy and I know exactly what Moo Goo is, and HiLlARy spouts more of it than a herd of Holsteins. So, If the Fine folks at the Peking Moon can make Moo Goo, aka Bovine Excrement palpable with a little sauce, HiLlARy should try a cup of it before every speech.

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