Saturday, September 3, 2016

Shake rattle and roll

I dropped my wife off at her work this morning just before 7. While I was sitting at the light waiting to make a left, I felt the truck shake like some one was bouncing on the bumper. Earth Quake? Most likely.
Couple hours later my son called from Wichita. They had it a little bit harder. No damage to speak of, but unsettling. People were running out of buildings.
The quake was a 5er situated down in Oklahoma. They are blaming this on fracking. I say bull shit. Fracking did not cause the fault line that runs through Oklahoma and Kansas. Fracking does not cause the plates to move, occasionally bind and then release.
If fracking did cause the release of energy, that is a good thing. Those plate move and build pressure regardless of what man does on the surface or even a mile underground. If fracking caused it, it prevented a larger quake in the future.
That these faux environmentalists scream every time we have any event be it a quake, a Hurricane, a drought, they immediately blame some thing that man has done. News flash, we have had quakes, floods, hurricanes and all sorts of disasters since the earth was formed. we have also had man made disasters like ObamAA-, leaders too stupid to be trusted with taking out garbage let alone making decisions which impact humanity. History is full of those stories.
Well, no damage here, better luck next time, and yes, there sill be a next time. That fault aint gonna glue itself together this week end, or next.

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