Friday, September 9, 2016

The butterfly effect Clinton style

We can all look at events in the world and say what if. Here is mine.
What if HiLlARy Clinton had just one more abortion? With no ugly baby, would Worthless Willie have managed a second term as Governor in Arkansas? Would he have managed to swindle his way into the Nomination for President? Would HiLlARy, the social climber have been elected to any office? Would she have been given any serious consideration for the Presidency in 2008? Would she have gotten the Secretary of State Job as a consolation prize from Barry the Indonesian? Would operation Zero's footprint have happened in Libya? Would Mortermer kaDaffy still be alive? For that matter, would we have bombed Iraq so many times during the period that led to the 9-11-01 attacks?
I am prolife. To me, every abortion is murder. So is what HiLlARy has done to so many of the people who chanced to cross her path. She is a murderer, she is a sociopath.
I still can't help but wonder, What if???
And I wonder, does Chelsea ever lay awake at night wondering if her parent's deep desire, that unquenchable thirst for power kept her from being scraped away like so many of the siblings she might also have had?

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