Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Campus carry in Kansas

A massive rally was staged in Wichita in support of proposed legislation to undo the campus carry law which recently went into effect. A staggering fifteen people showed up for the event. FIFTEEN!!! I'm not sure if that number included the reporter, but it did include the squeaker. Freshman Ian Englebright said campus carry “creates more problems than solutions.” He said lawmakers who supported guns for self-defense “think that by having concealed carry on this campus they’re making it safer, when in fact, I feel more uncomfortable because I don’t know if the person next to me has a gun or not.”
Hey Ian, bad news for ya kid, campus carry has nothing to do with whether the guy next to you has a gun, but merely whether he is carrying legally or not. What the law does is increase the likelyhood they guy carrying is a law-abiding citizen which, 99% of those who carry in Kansas are.
Thirty two people perished in the Virginia Tech massacre because citizens were denied their right to carry.
I have good news for you though Ian, being that you are a snot nosed plebe, the chances of you sitting, in class, next to some one packing are minimal. That right among those younger than 21 is currently supressed because, well, kids your age aint none too smart and also are impulsive little shits. Don't believe me? look in the mirror. Ian aint too bright.

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