Thursday, February 2, 2017

Lets do this

I said last night that we should start by defunding colleges that condone and encourage "unrest" aka . rioting. Today Breitbart is reporting President Trump wrote that part of it on Twitter. No, I didn't copy his feed, and he doesn't read my blog, it is just a good common sense solution. I know, some of my stuff is over the top, but we need to be over the top to counter the beneath the bottom rhetoric of the bottom dwellers aka democrats. 1930's Germany is not my idea of the best place to be it cost several million good lives to put down the alternate version of communism known as national socialism.
Make no mistake, nazism is a leftist idea. The differences between it and the other variations of communism are minor, but it is the least liberal ie furthest to the right of the extreme left of the political spectrum. You can debate until you are blue in the face how to place Leninism, Stalinism, Marxism, Trotskyism and Maoism, they are all slightly left of nazism. Nuff said.
Our students are being indoctrinated. It does not begin at the college gate, it begins at kindergarten and head start. The moment the leftists get a hold of your child, they begin the show. Kids love their parents but challenge the authority. The left reinforces that and encourages pushing it to extremes. We are witnessing the break down of our schools because of his, identity politics has flooded institutions which should be dealing with teaching kids to read, spell and appreciate knowledge. Instead they teach no wrong answer, and tel them that history is just propaganda. In allowing this, we parents have failed our children. We have allowed them in to harm's way.
I hope Trump goes through with this and cuts funding.  Not just to Berkeley and Davis, but to every school that has turned away conservative speakers of allowed them to be shouted off stage. It's time to end this marxist control by a bunch of quacks who spat on my brothers and allowed the people of Vietnam to be enslaved. These scum, the entourage of Jane Fonda and John Kerry are who run our colleges. They should be home less and not one vet.
As for the brats, they can get jobs at Burger King even if they don't get that degree in Gender studies. And a paper crown to boot!

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