Sunday, February 26, 2017

I think she means J O B S

Michelle Bernard, in a discussion yesterday on (P)MSNBC said that  (she) “can’t help but think” slavery is on its way back. This, in a discussion about President Trump. Slavery is a black eye for America. It is a sorry fact, and one that is misdiscussed all too often.
We fought a horrific war because of slavery. After the election of Lincoln, democrats, the party of Clinton, got mad and went home so to speak. Instead of just letting them go, Lincoln decided to basically ignore the childish behavior. Upset with that, the states which had voted for secession attacked the federal garrison at Fort Sumner. Does this all resemble the actions of socialists today?
This was the action of southern democrats, the party of slavery, the party of graft and corruption. There is no provision in the Constitution for states to leave. How do you unbake bread? Furthermore, the land that many of those states sit on was purchased by the people of all the states, not merely southern ones. The debt that was created by the recent Mexican War and the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was a large part of that. Over 365,000 Union soldiers died to preserve the Union and end slavery.
An old adage is that the winners write the history. Ironically, in the case of our civil war, it has been the losers aka democrats who write and teach about it.
Slavery would have perished in the United States even with out the Civil War. simply put, it was a lousy economic system. Cheap labor was flooding in from Europe in the form of Irish, Italian, Polish and German people. Those people would have migrated south eventually, and like the horse that was replaced by the tractor, the slaves would have been "put out to pasture". Simple economics would have won since you don't have to feed immigrant workers when they are not working. Or house them, or cloth them, or search for run aways either.
Michelle does not grasp that President Trump is a northerner, a republican, and a Presbyterian. Slavery is anathema to his beliefs. Slavery will not return to America unless the socialists in league with mooslimes bring it back.
Change is in the air though for the black community. All the free stuff passed out like candy in the eight years of Barry are going away for good. Obama Phones and EBT cards will be harder to obtain. Sitting on the steps and bitching about da man won't be happening as much either I expect. People will again have to work for their bread and butter.
Trump is striving to bring back jobs. Upper middle class ones at that. If Congress does not impede him, the future of America will be radically different. In a twist of the phrase, they will be slaves again, wage slaves. Just like me.

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