Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have a little sympathy for Lara Logan of SeeBS news. She was brutally raped by a gang of muslim thugs in Cairo. Islamic love and tolerance at its finest. I hope she understands that in islam its OK to do something like that to her because she is an infidel.
Will Perky Kate begin to understand that islam is bad? I doubt it. The uberstoopid liberals will in typical pinhead fashion blame Bush for this atrocity.
Mob mentality is never a good place to be, especially when you are one who might be viewed as an outsider. During various riots in the United States, we have seen how things can get uglier. Does any one remember the trucker who was beaten when he ended up in the middle of a riot after the Rodney King case? Here in America people have a greater respect for human life.

Lesson 1 for liberals; islamic adherents view you as the enemy just as much as they do Christians and Jews.
Lesson 2 for liberals; islamic adherents have no conscience about robbing raping or killing you. To them you are sub human. ( I just think you are retarded as hell)
Lesson 3 for liberals; islamic adherents have a low view of women. to them females are animals for cleaning and procreation. For pleasure they use boys and goats.
Lesson 4 for liberals; islamic adherents will attack and kill each other when they cannot find a Christian Jew, or other suitable infidel. its best to use a long range lens and film from a safe distance. Military satellites have such lenses as do NASA space probes.

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