Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How will they earn a living?

The Kansas House Federal and State Affairs Committee has been holding hearings on HB2107, legislation that would place severe restrictions on strip clubs in Kansas. There are problems with it in my opinion.
I agree strip clubs are seedy. They degrade women, they are hot spots of immorality, festering prostitution and drug usage.
They are also, sadly, the sole source of income for a lot of women who have fatherless children to support. Not much of a choice. If we close the clubs, these women will end up on the welfare rolls, something we need to prevent, or worse.
Strippers are a class of people that society has let down. In an effort to create a great society, democrats intorduced us to guiltless lust. People were no longer ashamed of premarital and extramarital sex. As a result, the single parent family evolved. Single parents struggle to raise their kids. The demands of a job, a house, and a child all battle. Throw in a desire for intimacy and friends, and you have the brew that is destroying America. Children of single parents grow up with out structure. They too charge into the life they have seen mom and some times dad lead.
This cycle is not good, nor is it good intentions that allow it to continue. Children of single parents ae more likely to get into drugs, crime, and be a burdon to society. Since they never have a model of a solid family, they have no idea what one is and struggle in relationships and intamacy.
What is the answer?
I would start by restricting divorces. If there is a child involved, courts should say NO! Punish parents who are irresponsible, not the kids.
Next, restrict single parent households. If a single woman has a baby, take the child and place it in foster care, and require stability from those foster parents. Then, mandate the woman be placed on birth control.
Kansas has taken steps to genetically identify every baby born in Kansas and track the father. Thats good. Take it one step further and make them live with the woman and support her. I know some women are impossible to live with, I was married to one of them.
Banning strip clubs is not the answer. the answer is creating a society where no man would want to be seen in such a place, and no woman would dance there.
This bill will not help those women. It will make their lives harder, and the leches will simply find another way to get their jollies. Instead of them supporting these girls, society will be forced to do it through higher taxes and more welfare.
I don't have all the answers. GOD does. Its time we listen to him.

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