Thursday, February 3, 2011

Listen to the voters?

Who do you think we are in Washington to represent?

With apologies to Hall and Oates

Making it up is all we know
Wasting tax dollars as we go
Waking up reality?
The blizzards all around aren't the weather we want to see
Broken ice still melts in the sun
And a house that was lost can be won again
We're fools alone
And reelection really matters to me
I should take a look around

You're out of touch
I'm out of line
But I'm out of my head when it voting time

Reaching out for a new lie to hold
Looking for change when the climate is cold
Health care reform and cap and trade dreams
No living in the middle between the party extremes
Listen to the voters? Not much
things would cool down if we didn't lie so much
We're fooling arround
And soul really matters to me
Too much

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