Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Green energy coming to Obamas home.

Kenya is building an ocean wave power generation system. At a cost of $650,000, it is cheaper than coal, gas, wind or solar. But there are only nine so far in the world, and a 1mw system is peanuts, comparable to the average bat beater we have here on hte plains. By comparison, jeffrey EC in St Marys produces in the neighborhood of 2.1gigawatts, or 210 times Kenya's crown jewell.
Wave generation may be cheap, its lower than coal by a third, but it has limitations. Power distribution is limited to the coastal regions, meaning we in fly over contrary are stuck with our coal.
Deer reader wants the US to generate 85% of all electricity from clean sources by 2035. At first glance, that would appear to mean solar, wind, or poof PFM, but even a nitwitt knows the only way to accomplish that here is to turn us into a third world shit hole. That would solve our illegal immigration problem, Mexico and Canada would build the fences to keep US out.
So, by including nuke and clean coal, he may have a chance. Kinda like the fellow who draws an X throught the bullet holes in the formerly blank paper. never misses the mark.
BTW, we are getting scammed, WE are the marks. He is teh Marx.

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