Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy birthday Mr Reagan

I was born and raised a democrat. When Carter utterly failed to stand up to the Iranian monsters, I knew we needed some one diffrent at the helm. In 1980 I voted anyone but Carter. In 1984 I voted nobody but Reagan.
I do not regret it. America does not regret it. We have however forgotten what it is the democrats are all about. since 1976, they have not reinvented their party, only the slogans they use to mislead us.

Two pivotal moments in Reagans presidency. One was when he fired the Air Traffic Controlers. The Russians saw that and went uh-oh. The second was when he met Gorbachev at the White House. He looked rugged and ready. It was the first time his image was ever broadcast on Soviet TV. He looked great, and Gorbachev looked old and tired. It sent a message beyond words.
As for his speaking moments, he had quite a few. He rarely minced words. There was never a chance for some spin doctor to misrepresent what he conveyed. He did not speak like a politician because he was not a politician. He was a leader.
Happy 100th Mr President.

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