Thursday, February 24, 2011


Some times I marvel at the extent these idiots will go to push their Bull Shit. 50 million refugees from global warming? Gimme a break! Refugees from islam maybe, at least the ones flooding Europe from Africa. Christina Tirado must be feeling the preasure from the threat of reduced government funding for the exposed hoax.
While its true we are getting millions of illegals here , they are not coming because global warming is destroying their homes in Central America, they are coming because htey see that America's lax immigration policies make this a ripe fruit for picking, and when your nation depends on knowing when fruit is ripe, the folks from Honduras, Panama and theat region are experts.
American kids, soft from too much time on the X-Box turn their noses up at the idea of manual labor. I mean, with a name like Manuel, it must be for spanish speaking types. Its not that we don't have people here capable of doing the work, its that we let them be lazy and collect funemployment for years on end.

Among ways that climate change has impacted food security is by making winters warmer, which allows pests that carry plant diseases to survive over the cold months and attack crops in the spring, soil physicist Ray Knighton of the US Department of Agriculture said.
While it is true that warmer winters do allow pathogens to survive, this is NOT a warm winter.
I know, they still blame the colder weather on global warming.
I'm sick of it. If we had one judge in American worth the money we pay him, the Universities who bilked ustaxpayers out of billions for their faux research would be made to repay every dime, and be prevented from using one penny of tax dollars to repay it. Every one of these equine excrement peddlers would be made forever a pariah. Any school that hired them would instantly be banned from another penny of tax money INCLUDING pell grants.

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