Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A solution

Europe is in serious trouble. A wave of as many as 500,000 islamists is converging on the borders of the European nations intent on gaining entry. The last fifteen years should have taught them a lot. From the carbeques in France to attacks on soldiers in England, the religion of peace has been anything but peaceful. Pictures of the latest influx show crowds that are mostly male and between the ages of 15 and 35. Very few women, almost no elderly and children. Ifthe invasion doesn't resemble an army in disguise, what does?
The solutions though are many but simple. Europe could machine gun them at the borders, on the beaches, and drive them back to the countries they have come from. The Euroweenies won't. You and I both know that.
They could bring back the death penalty for these cretins, and any who commit an assault, rape, murder, robbery, o any other felony could be executed by wrapping them in the carcass of a hog, then slow cooking them over an open pit of coals. That won't happen either.
Stoning is the mooslime execution of choice with options for hanging, or crucifixion. None of thsose will happen in Europe though.
The option that I have in mind though is something the Euroweenies could get behind. Forced conscription. Draft every last one of them into the German Army, or French Foreign Legion. Give them a good basic training, then on to jump school. After four successful jumps, have them make their fifth jump with full battle gear, then fly their asses back to Syria or whatever shit hole they slithered out of and send em home in  night jump. Equip them with Mauser 98s, or Mosin Nagants, two hundred round of ammo, Two days supply of pork and beans, and a hearty fare well. If they can't kick ass on ISIS, they deserve to die for a lie. Or what ever you want to call the arabian moon god.

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