Saturday, September 26, 2015

Newsflash!!! or not

Breitbart today had a "bombshell" According to the Washington Post, Hillary Clinton and her campaign were behind the birther movement.
The birther movement began with  Philip J.Berg. He was a campaigner for Hillary in 2008, and he is the one who originated the story that Obambi was born in Kenya. That all took place before the demonic coronation of Soros' puppet extraordinaire. Berg filed several motions to stop Barry from being nominated, and to prevent his name from being placed on the ballot. All to no avail, we still got saddled with the worst president ever. Whether Hitlery or McInsane would have been better is anybody's guess. All three were pieces of shit who should have been in prison. Such is politics in America where the scum rises to the top.
Nice of the compost to finally catch up on that story and quit blaming it on conservatives. I expect they will be reporting that Jeb is as liberal as Bernie Sanders in, Oh, about, 2065.

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