Friday, September 4, 2015

Just a joke my ASS

I am having a hard time believing that the Arby's employee who supposedly refused service to a cop was a joke. If it was, the manager, not the employee needs to be terminated.
The story line is that Kenny Davenport refused to serve a cop in the drive through and that instead, the Manager did, AND made a point of telling the cop that Kenny did not want to serve her because she was a cop.
Either way, the manager has fewer brains then plankton. Or protozoans.
Given that Kenny is black and the officer is white, AND given the current state of affairs between the police and the BLM bunch, It is entirely possible that Kenny did not want to serve a cop, and that is his option.
A joke though?
Kenny now claims that they were busy and he asked the manager to handle the window. ???WHY???
If he was new and over whelmed, that might be the case.
Still, to call the managers distasteful comments a joke is like saying Stalin was not that great of a guy.

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