Thursday, September 10, 2015

Angel Lust

Sorry Wiser One, this is not about you. I have an adorable wife and am not looking for another. This is about the phenomenon known as a death erection, terminal erection, or Angel Lust. There are a ton of articles on the subject. its not something I care about, my only interest is because I think it has some impact on the pedophile mo Ham Head's claim that People who die in Jihad would have the sexual staying power to satisfy seventy two virgins and twenty four supple young boys.
A number of people have done extensive research on the subject, and it is a fact that as many as 1/3 of people who die violently show signs of sexual stimulation. both men and women experience his. The pedophile likely saw some of his followers die in an extreme manor. Its a strong possibiliy they may have experienced angel lust and Hammy witnessed it. Since he had no clue about medical research, its entirely possible that he concluded it was because they were greeted by a hoard of hot young virgins instead of the demons who were waiting for them. Seriously,how could he know? If he received any revelation from an angel, it was one of Satans demons and not from the LORD.
As for the current crop invading Europe and America, I would be more than happy to assist them in researching this phenomenon. I'm sure their lunatic won't mind sharing the ass raping he is receiving for all eternity.
Its also possible that the true definition of hell is a hard on and no way to satisfy it.

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