Monday, September 21, 2015

Walker is OUT

After his performance in Wisconsin where he went head to head with the commies, faced them down in a recall election and won, then won reelection, I had taken a liking to Scott Walker. He WAS #3 on my list of candidates for the GOP nomination. After his resignation speech, He drops down there with Jebito.
When he announced his entry into the race, Sundance called him out as a fraud and a GOPe hack. In my opinion, it could have gone either way. There were no blatant signs that he was just a hack until today when as he quit, he took one last swipe at Trump.
As of now, I am all in for Trump. The GOP road map, the attempt to force feed us another weak kneed steaming pile of crap RINO has me PISSED.
Leaving the republican party is not an option. I lean strongly conservative. The GOP is so far to my left they might as well be democraps. The last thing we need is another demonic party, but it is a bunch of demonics who are controlling the entire affair. Conservatives need to take back their party. Pack the communists up and ship them back to the green party, the communist party, or the democrap party, but get them the hell out of the republican party.
This garbage has been going on my entire adult life. After true conservatives got control in Washington and got equal rights for all Americans, the communists, white supremacists, and other assorted haters began to undermine the republican party. In 1980 the people handed them their asses and elected Ronald Reagan.  The uniparty saddled him with RINO Bush Sr. Oh, Bush seemed like a good guy. He was a war hero, and when he spoke, he said what we wanted to hear. No New Taxes. The problem was, he promptly broke that promise and raised taxes. That made him a one term wonder.
Eight years of Worthless Willie saw a number of changes in the republican party. Cutting taxes and government too center stage, and for a little while it looked like republicans had learned their lesson. The poor bioys among the power brokers had their own ideas though and the millennium race was a screen cap of the 2016 race with a plan to elect GW Bush to fulfill his fathers mission of making the republican party look just like the communist party. That race saw thirteen candidates and the only question was McInsane, or Bush redux. The coin toss went to Bush because he was largely unknown, had a fair record in Texas and was not a screaming liberal like McRINO.
This time around, we are hoping for a better out come. Will trump be this generations Reagan? Is it too late to fix the problems the uniparty has foisted on America?
We need to get rid of Obozo Care. We need to slash the debt. Stopping illegal immigration is a top priority, and also stopping the influx of future terrorists from the middle east hell holes. The can all go to Mecaca and rot for all I care, and they can take our mooslime manchurian candidate with them.

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