Tuesday, June 7, 2016

America Makes History

Satan's evil sister, Cankles Clinton has clinched the communist party nomination becoming the first White female to be a major party candidate. Are people that stupid? Apparently so. She has a long history as the wife and enabler of Worthless Willie the serial rapist. She has zero accomplishments on her own in any arena whether as worst lady, Senator  Carpet bagger from New York, or her disastrous time as Secretary of State. Gee, kinda sounds like a former illegal alien Senator from Illinois.
Note I said White female, I've said it before, Worthless Willie was supposedly our first black president, and Barry the beta our first female, so that limits her claims to notoriety.
The only good thing I can say as far as the demonicRATS go is I have yet to see Sasquatch listed as a candidate any where.....Yet.

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