Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The latest on the Orlando slaughter is that Omar the dead terrorist was a closet gay. Remember, this is islam we are dealing with and they adhere to the truth like eggs to Teflon. The simple facts to keep in mind are that Omar was a satanist of the mooslime persuasion and he was a dimmicrap.
Was he gay? Was he bisexual? Did he prefer goats whereas his strain of islam says to bugger sheep? Does it matter? muslim democrat, nuff said. That his target was a LGBT hot spot is curious. The perverts have been reaching out to the muslims, seeking solidarity with them, and as much as the muslim countries hate gays, they will use any group to further their cause, and that is what is going on in Europe now. They are the modern Rumkowski seeking to appease a new terror.
Omar supposedly used several gay apps to chat with regular attendees at the club. Whether this was in an effort to hook up or just to make appearances remains unknown. Keep in mind that 9-11-01 attacks were planned years before. They were not executed over night. Successful attacks are rarely spur of the moment. Months or even years of planning and preparation go in to these. Omar transferred his house to his sister via a quit claim deed.  Was it because of the pending attack or because he and his wife had a falling out?
Given the level of monitoring going on in this country today, any chatter whether it be verbal, e-mail, or text tuns a high risk of interception. That is how the FBI and DHS are thwarting them. Lone wolves and tight groups who deal every thing face to face are the ones who slip through. They are not afraid and they continue to plot. Why should they fear? We have an incompetent fool in the White House, a man that makes him look smart as Veep, a gaggle of goofs in congress and key posts. Put HiLIARy in the White House and they cannot lose.
believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see. It is that bad.

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