Sunday, June 26, 2016

What does BRexit mean?

In truth, not much. The Citizens of England held a referendum, and a majority of them, decided it is in their best interest to not belong to the You're-a-peon Union, but the fact is that they did not kick a single liberal politick to the curb. David Cameron resigned as PM. BFD, It does not change any of the seats in the Parliament, and it is there their problems originate.
The press, the social elite, the moneyed globalists are still there. Picture the scene from "What about Bob" where the doctor slams the door in his face. His wife then asks if he is gone whereupon the doc opens the door and Bob is still there.
The influx of islamist crusaders will continue. Rapefugees flowing unchecked from the hothells of islam. Picture if England had anounced after Dunkirk that they would be accepting refugees from Europe, and boat after boat of German SS troops in uniform had landed at the docks, been given food, shelter, and free reign of London. Well, this time the shock troops are not wearing coal shuttle helmets so it must be ok? NOT!
The Brussells sprouts won't be getting millions of English money, The free ride for Greece won't end though. It will continue as long as there is money to borrow, or paper to print it on.
Oh my! The stock market took a major hit! BS! That is all spin. markets fall, markets climb. On Monday the folks who "lost" money will still have the same number of shares of the same companies  producing the same goods for the same people at the same price. What Changed? A number by a pound sign? Come dividend time those checks will still go out. The only people who lost are the dupes who sold. The elitists who bought will reel in the money on their mistakes.
The EU will slosh on, Women will continue to be raped in Sweden. Cars will be burned in Paris. Angela Merkel will sit on her throne in Berlin being an example of what a best case scenario of Cankles in the Oval Office would look like. The sun will rise, the sun will set, and Jesus' return will be one day closer. Hey! that's life!

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