Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rest kn piece...

Family and friends of Omar Mateen gathered today at the mosque of perpetual jihad to remember the recently slain husband and father.
Mourners joined in singing "Death to America and all the enemies of Islam" which was Omar's favorite hymn.
As part of the ceremony, attendees took turns beating Omar's widow. Several of the men present expressed that they have a pashtun for young boys and offered to help with the raising of the young son in the absence of any father figure.
A goat was sacrificed in memory of Omar, and as a tribute to his contributions to jihad and sharia, it was molested by 49 men prior to it's throat being slit.
Omar was laid to rest at an undisclosed location to prevent his body from floating to the surface, an unintended consequence of having most of humanity come piss on your grave.

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