Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Big man

A pair of jeans from an old steamer trunk has created a small ripple. The unworn trousers are a size 44X37. Clearly not standard fare. The jeans are believed to have belonged to Solomon Warner who was an early settler in Tucson. Warner passed in 1899. He was reported to be 6' 6", certainly a head above, and he did have a head on him. He was a business man, the first in Tucson to sell American goods.
Our history is full of rich stories about men like Wyatt Earp and Butch Cassify, and while they make interesting reading, they were not the men who made the west. It was solid hard working men AND women like Solomon Warner. We have many forgotten people like that. Only a mere hand full are known to us, the rest are known but to GOD.
To make matters worse, we have a revolution in our history classes and the people who accomplished a lot are being pushed aside like Solomon and names of lesser ones being placed in their spots simply because it is not fashionable to tell about people who were white and successful.
Most of us don't have much to pass down. We will be remembered for a generation or three, but our grand children's grandchildren won't remember our names unless they are bubba the 8th. Or leave a pair of pants none of them can fill.

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