Friday, March 17, 2017

If Joy Behar was as dumb as Trump

Jackass Joy opened the Few err the View with some smartass remarks about the President's budget ".... He wants to stop helping old people and public education so we can all be as dumb as he is!”
OK, Joy, since you are so soooo smart, how much wealth have you created in your life time? I do believe the Donald started with a LOAN of a hundred million or so, or correctly put, a hundred million in the hole, and turned it into a measly couple billion give or take a few million. Pretty good for an idiot.
All You do, Joy, is suck profit away from companies who are foolish enough to advertise on your network. To your credit though, there are plenty of folks who shut the telly off rather than listen to your blather and get out and accomplish something, even if it is bathing a worm or three.
We need to get back to a Constitutional government. There is nothing in that document about clean water or health care for any one. Those are things left to the People, or the States, and if it is given to the states, it will be by choice of the people.

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