Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Money talks bullshit walks

As the NFL season kicked off in 2016, San Franfreakshow quarterback, Colon Kapernick decided to make a social justice statement about black lies matter, and not stand for the National Anthem. We are all familiar with the story, many of us opted to not watch the games, and the team owners took a hit.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell lacked the spine to do anything, and since we had a pResident who wouldn't wear a flag lapel pin, it looked like we were screwed.
The 69ers didn't franchise the social justice whore and he is floating in the market like a turd in a swimming pool. That all may change as teams scramble ahead of the draft to snatch up any prospective trade material, but CK has more baggage than Imelda Marcos and teams don't like baggage, especially when it detracts from the game.
So it looks like Krapper might be a fan this season. Racist film director Spike Lee is upset by this, Boo f'n Hoo. Maybe he can get a gig in Canada. All the liberals would be green with envy as he would get a work visa while they struggled with out argula in the great white north. Hey! they said they would leave and I'm holding out hope they do.
Is this racist? (I don't mean my rant) I don't see this as racist. Too many of the NFL players are black. The league has gone from racially divided in it's early days to being essentially the black leagues. Many players have adopted causes associated with race issues. What set this idiot apart was his total lack of patriotism when the nation had a pResident who was black, if only in appearance. Don't whine about it, Barry was 7/16 arab, half white, 1/16th black and 100% worthless. The unemployment issues to me have nothing to do with racism and everything to do with his being a drama queen. Folks will barely tolerate a drama queen in politics until it hits them in the wallet. Kapernick cost not only his home team, but the other 31 as well. remeber when you are pointing the finger that three are pointing right back at you.