Wednesday, March 22, 2017

If it had been any good....

Archaeologists in Israel have found hundreds of liquor bottles abandoned by British troops in WW1. The recent find near the city of Ramle also uncovered old buttons, belt buckles, and other uniform items left by members of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force commanded by General Edmund Allenby.
While hundred year old Scotch sounds awesome,  hundred year old muscatel does  not. Given that the alcohol was for the enlisted,it was most likely stuff from the bottom of the scale if not "off" it.
Why am I covering this? Because all the other blogs have done a great job of reporting on the bad news, the terror attack in London, and the vindication news, confirmation that Barry the socialist spied on Trump during the election and after. Once again President trump is proven right after the jackasses in the media discounted his tweets which are now proven true.

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Gregory said...

Thanks for the fun news. "Hundred year old Muscatel"..cracked me up.