Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Rock

Stole this from Greg Mankiw.

We are almost there! whats gonna happen if they don't reach a deal? In real terms? I expect that AOK, the Asshole of Kenya, will not send out socialist security checks, and possibly welfare and SNAP money. If that happens, you can expect riots in every major urban area that has a dependent population, in other words, democrat districts. Don't expect many arrests or any actual police actions, they will not attack his base, they will need these useless err useful tools in 2016 to coronate Hillary, unless the blood clot is real. Those things could cause damage if she had a brain. Sinve she clings to worthless Willie, that is in doubt. The ones I expect will get paid are the DHS storm troopers, the airport mollesters from hell. can't have the shock troops mad unless they are mad at White anglo saxon Protestants err conservatives. Hope every one has a good stock of food water and other supplies. We may need them.

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