Monday, December 31, 2012

What happened in India

I'm sure you all have read about the Indian student who was assaulted and raped on December 16th, violated with a pipe, and left for dead. The country is awash with outrage at this, and it should be. I strongly support the death penalty for forcible rape and for child molestation. This is an example of why. This woma nhad a promising furure. She was on her way to becoming a doctor, but because she was out with a male companion, she was beaten, raped, and ultimately, murdered. What religion does this sould like? I'm betting muslim. but from what I have been able to learn about India, Hindus there are just as bad. This is a country whee abortions are done to eliminate female fetuses. Here we do it merely for convenience. Which is worse?
This is why women should have CCWs. had she been armed, she might have stopped the assault. Possibly not, but it might have helped her. Certainly her odds would have been far better. She's dead, she could not have fared worse with a gun. keep stuff like this in mind as we prepare for frankensteins bill to reimpose the weapons ban. I expect it to fail and AOK the asshole of kenya to do it by presidential decree.

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