Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gun prices

Anyone who is paying attention is seeing the price of guns skyrocket. a simple magazine that sold for ten dollars three weeks ago will now fetch thirty or more. I was at the Wichita gun show today and severla vendors had stacks of AR-15 rifles. Many were used. I looked at a few of them, they were shot out, roughed up, and generally mistreated. In short, they looked like some one dug out the scrap pile and dusted it off. Well, not really, the dust was  still on em. The prices were a crime. $2750 for a crap gun with cracked grips, a painted over stock, and the mag well was dented in so It wold take some major filing to get a mag into it. It sold!
Personally, I some times wonder if this is really about gun control. This looks like economic stimulation to me. I see people getting jobs in the fire arms industry making lower receivers, ammo, and 30 round mags. We may get out of this recession after all, albeit with inflation rates approaching 300% per month.

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