Sunday, December 30, 2012

News that isn't

Good for the JUDGE!

Australia: Muslim woman Canita Matthews (Australian born -convert)
pulls Sharia Law on male officer pulled Matthews over for improper license plate display. Matthews immediately proclaimed, "You are victimizing me because I’m a Muslim!" and called the officer a racist. She filed a complaint against the officer that claimed he attempted to tear the burka off her face and was “...threatening and verbally abusive”. The “dash cam” video which also has audio cleared the officer. Matthews was charged with filing a false complaint. While in court she told the Judge that it was not her in the video because she wears a full Niqab and there is no way anyone can tell who the woman in the video is. [Hold on! She filed a complaint against the officer and now she says it’s not her? I’m confused!] Her vehicle plates were on camera. The Judge sentenced her to 6 months in jail. The local Muslim community was outraged.
Saw this clip this morning on my facebook and wanted to share it. This is typical Islam. You cannot trust a muslim to tell the truth, their perverted cult says its OK for them to lie to us about anything even when under oath. If it benefits their cult, its considered a requirement. Worse are the sickos who use islam as a crutch to get away with crimes and misbehavior. Several years ago in Phoenix I was in a convenience mart and the woma nahead of me was in a Hijab. She was buying beer, and she presented an ID showing a woman in a burka. I glanced at the ID when she laid it o nthe counter. This woman was big, close to six feet tall, and over two hundred pounds. The ID was for a woman who was five four and one ten. The clerk never even looked at the details, just the birth date. I have to wonder if she was borrowing a friends ID, or if she stole it. Either way, I blame islam because the woman whose ID it was had her photo taken with her face covered.


Gregory said...

I have been watching islam and muslims for several years now. The more I look, the less I like what I see and hear. Muslims are really phuked up people and it is hard to understand why anyone would fall for it here in the free world.

JeremyR said...

We have several women arround here who became satanists err muslims after 9-11. Talk about shit for brains, They are brainwashed whole hog. Wish they would just head on over to phuck-i-stan and get it over with.