Sunday, July 21, 2013

A little morning humor

Playboy Specialty Issues That Never Made It

Girls With Gingivitis
The "Women" of The Crying Game
The Women of Home Depot
1960's Playmates Grown Old and Wrinkled
The Girls of Rehab
Constantly Angry Women
Girls You Wouldn't Date if You Were the Only Man Alive
The Women of Circus Sideshows
Drab, Unsexy Lingerie
Old Women in Parkas
Playmates Receiving Oscars(Special April Fool's Issue)
Invisible Women
Girls Who Fell and Can't Get Up
Women of Wal-Mart
Women Racked With Self Doubt, Feelings of Abandonment, PMS and Inner Torment
Chain Smoking Ladies
Girls Gone Psycho
"Does This Look Infected?" feature issue

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