Sunday, July 14, 2013


The verdict is in! George Zimmerman is not guilty. I've been saying that from the start, but I am shocked they got a not guilty verdict. There was no evidence to back up their claims. All they had was government interference, and a mountain of race baiting. If as is being claimed, the government of race baiter team ObamAA- did all they are alleged to have done, This should go on his record as another monumental failure.
I am also thinking about Travon's parents tonight. Its not easy to loose a child. They have been caught in a media storm when they should have been searching for the truth and coming to gripps with their own failings. travon did not turn into a monster over night. They could have looked at his twitter feed and seen this coming like a hurricane off Cuba. They could have been making changes in his life long before he assaulted George, long before he punched a bus driver, stole jewellery, or sold his first bag of dope. They failed him. they still have one more, will they fail him as well?
But they are not the only ones. What about the media and thier rush to judgement? They even stooped  to faking evidence to the American public. I call AP American Pravda, but these days, that insults Pravda. We deserve better. The only ones backing Mr Zimmerman were Sean Hannity, and the crew at FOX. Now some one take a clue bat to the monsters at Communist News and pMSNBC.


Dapandico said...

It is not over. Eric the Red Holder and the Just Us Department will file charges for a civil rights violation.
Race not facts is driving the train. They have to keep the Plantation of Dependency rilled up and agitated.

Gregory said...

I have been pissed at the mainstream media for a long time. They are generally as race baiting as Jesse Jackson. Matter of fact, I hardly ever watch a TV news program any more.