Sunday, July 21, 2013

Welfare moms to boycott Florida?

And so it continues, members of the racist congressanal black caucus are calling for a boycott of Florida because an innocent man was found not guilty of defending himself from an attack by a black and racist thug.
So if there is a boycott, (Is BOYcott racist?) who will not be going to Florida? White liberals? The state is over flowing with them. it would be so awesome if the whole kit and kaboodle of them went back to there liberal enclaves in New Jersy, New York, Chicago etc. Note to liberals, as a jesture of yor sincerity, please take some of Florida's welfare moms, and thier broods of future Travons with you!
Oh, and for those of you who think Fox is a right wing network, no body, repeat, NOBODY on the right wouuld refer to race baiting poverty pimp Jesse Jackassson as a civil rights leader. he is a race hustler, a crook, and little more. He rides the coat tale of Martin Luther King, but does nothing that Mr King would have done. King wanted equality, Jesse want a race war so he can continue to pump money from the lazy.
So stay out of Florida liberals, take your vacations in Detroit. Rooms are cheap. So is life there.

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